Unity 5 Realtime GI Demo

Hello and welcome to my new site and first post!

My name is Thomas Pasieka. I’ve been a Freelancer for over 13 years now, I can honestly say that it’s a wild ride. You never know what your next job is going to be like! Alex Lovett contacted me and asked if I was interested in helping him with art assets for a Unity Realtime Lighting Demo. Obviously I said yes and many weeks later we delivered the Demo in video form which was presented at Unite 2015 in Boston. As stated my main job was to create various art assets (mainly props and some environment pieces). Please have a look at the final video:

I think it turned out rather nicely! Below are some shots I took during production of these assets using an arsenal of software such as Autodesk Maya LT, Substance Painter and Designer and/or 3D Coat and Adobe Photoshop and Unity 3d.

thomas-pasieka-2015-09-13-18h39-04 thomas-pasieka-2015-09-13-19h29-22 thomas-pasieka-2015-09-11-17h21-54 thomas-pasieka-2015-09-11-16h09-38 thomas-pasieka-2015-09-11-13h21-54 thomas-pasieka-2015-09-11-13h21-37 thomas-pasieka-2015-09-10-15h28-34 thomas-pasieka-2015-09-10-13h40-23 thomas-pasieka-2015-09-09-16h58-45 thomas-pasieka-2015-09-09-12h42-18 thomas-pasieka-2015-09-07-14h39-15 thomas-pasieka-2015-09-07-08h20-33 thomas-pasieka-2015-09-05-13h10-36 thomas-pasieka-2015-09-04-15h31-31 thomas-pasieka-2015-09-01-17h05-19 thomas-pasieka-2015-09-01-15h10-55 thomas-pasieka-2015-08-27-16h42-27 thomas-pasieka-2015-08-27-10h23-47 thomas-pasieka-2015-08-20-17h08-31 thomas-pasieka-2015-08-25-17h22-11 thomas-pasieka-2015-08-24-19h28-33 thomas-pasieka-2015-08-24-19h27-48 thomas-pasieka-2015-08-21-15h29-04

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