The Raven VR

Hey all! It has been a while since I posted. Sometime back in 2014 I started a little VR project called “The Raven VR”. However, due to workload and other circumstances I had to put it on ice for a while. The Raven VR is based on Edgar Allan Poe’s Poem The Raven (as you might have guessed). This Poem is still one of my favorites and I made it my personal little art project. As said, I had to put it on ice for a while but I am back at it whenever time allows. Mostly after work hours as paid client work is still more important. The weekends are also often spend working on it and it’s slowly but steadily coming together. Lots of art has yet to be done but if all goes well it should be done sometime in Q1 2017. If you feel like supporting my efforts I can direct you to my Patreon page here:

The Raven VR Patreon Page

While I am doing most all 3D work myself, I have a few awesome friends who helped me out! There is Matthew Cook who did help me with some fantastic sketches/ideas for Designs. He really helped me greatly and I hope to have his help again soon. Then we have the great Bjorn Hurri who is probably the most awesome concept artist I know. When asked if he could paint “Lenore” he instantly said jumped on the task and I couldn’t be happier with Lenore’s Painting.

Since audio is a super important part of this project I needed the best. Who would be better suited than Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) to play an almost 10 minute long Piano piece for The Raven VR! I am super excited and happy that he agreed to take this on! It’s incredibly beautiful and a MUST listen.

But what would an audio visual experience be without the actual reading of The Raven? Well, that’s where the voice of Barry Carl comes in! Barry did such a fantastic job. It’s exactly as I imagined it. Have a listen for yourself!

Lastly, here are some screenshots and designs for your viewing pleasure!

The Raven VR

chairlenore decanter globeoillamphallwaytable


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