Some VR Experiments and Demos from 2015

Last year was really a great year for me personally. I had a lot of Freelance work/gigs. In fact, more than in any year before. This of course helps with paying the bills and keeping everybody in the family happy 😉 I sure hope to continue in that vain in 2016. In my spare time I often resort to playing/experimenting with my Oculus Rift. Some experiments are trashed right away while others are fun/cool as a Demo but due to time restrictions and finances often have to be put aside for (maybe) later. In any case, one of those projects I just ported to Oculus Runtime 0.8 and it was called Discover Dream Theater which happens to be my favorite band. I did in fact work for them during the last tour creating various videos and animations for their live show! Great guys and super talented! I’ve become friends with the keyboardist Jordan Rudess over the years and if you check some of my previous work/posts you may notice that we work together a fair bit on various projects! Anyhow, here is the little Demo I created for you to download (if you own a Rift – DK2):

Download Link:

And a little video showing as I was working on it. Audio track in the video is not from Dream Theater, I wanted to spare you from listening to silly talk.


Another fun project was The Raven VR which I worked on with my good friend Matthew Cook! Unfortunately the project is currently on ice till I figure out financing/time. I would have to set aside around 8-10 months of production and without funding that is currently just not possible. We shall see what can be done about it in the future. I did quite a bit of modeling for the project and really enjoyed the time I’ve spend so far. Here is a short video showing me walking around and testing the various art assets:

The Raven VR – Video Link1 :
The Raven VR – Video Link 2:

I actually have lots of ideas for Miner Casualty. The idea was that you’re a “Space Miner” roaming the Galaxy for precious minerals and life forms! I didn’t really get very far with the idea due to time once again but made for a little fun video nevertheless. It’s too bad I don’t have the project anymore or I would have made a build for everybody to check. Ah well, here is the link to a short clip on Youtube:

Miner Casualty:
Stanley Kubrick style:



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