Autodesk Stingray and Maya LT for High Fidelity

Hey everybody,

Caitlyn Meeks from High Fidelity of mine approached me to build an apartment/loft for realtime purposes. This time I decided to try out Autodesk’s Stingray. I knew that Maya LT and Stingray work “closely” together so I gave that a shot. I am so glad I did! Using the Stingray PBS Shader in Maya LT allowed for 1:1 translation to Stingray which really helps with saving time and needless reconnecting of textures and such. The Live-link from Maya LT to Stingray is alo super useful. If I make a change in the scene, all I have to do then is to click the “Update” button and Stingray re-imports the mesh automatically and updates the scene. The interop between the two is really rather beautiful and allowed for fast iteration and results. I am rather keen to see the Apartment being used in High Fidelity! Soon people will be able to put in any furniture they like and make it their own!

Check out these two video on Youtube:

Apartment in Stingray Engine:
Apartment in Maya LT:

All in all, it was a rather nice experience working for and with Caitlyn at High Fidelity! I am certainly looking forward to doing it again!.

Thomas Pasieka

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