3D Printing all the things!

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Hey there folks,

Some of you may know that I have gotten myself a 3D Printer and I have been 3D Printing away happily. It’s an amazing feeling to see your own 3D Creations being transformed into a tangible object that you can actually touch and further work with (sand, paint, coat it etc). It’s incredibly fun to watch the printer in action (addictive I may say) as it prints away each layer of the object. Printing time varies greatly as it depends on print resolution, wall thickness, infill and print speed. Getting into 3D Printing is a bit confusing at first but once you understand the basics and names of components and such it all becomes pretty clear. I even did some modifications to my printer. For instance, I replaced the cooling fan with a better more powerful one and printed myself a new funnel which provides airflow all around the nozzle instead of just coming from one direction.

This results in far better prints especially in overhang areas. One of the most important things to get right is the print bed. It has to be as level as you can possible make it. Otherwise prints may not stick to the bed, warp etc. But enough of all the technicalities, here are a few prints I have done recently. Very happy with the quality and consistency of the printer. Had very little trouble with it so far (Monoprice Maker Select).

2016-07-12_10h19_22 13221382_10209365074503469_2799499204870739576_o 13247921_10209365074423467_7846743297537517842_o 13310570_10209501487793716_40079841312935854_n 13312746_10209501487833717_7803675294172791703_n IMG_2164 13413136_10209547744110095_4659786007613473028_n 13435477_10209547743910090_8605813137694482989_n 13521942_10209731543944976_8889568369198384702_n CnAFMxTXYAE7pC8 IMG_2015 WIN_20160525_11_27_58_Pro


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