3D Coat Hard Surface Sculpting Features

So I had 3D Coat for a good while now but I never really liked the sculpting/voxel tools much. I mainly use it for Texturing, UV mapping and Retopo. However, I wanted to give it another shot and see what it offers in terms of “Hard Surface” sculpting. After watching some videos and reading up on some of the features I decided to pick a random topic/item and have a go at it. In this case I have chosen a “Disk” or “Diskette” from the good old days. I really like how easy it is to cut and do boolean operations in 3DCoat. In fact, I think it has a faster more direct approach than zBrush in this area. In any case, it was a great little test and rest assured I will be doing some more hard surface work using 3DCoat. If you have been thinking about getting 3D Coat for yourself, this would be a good time as it is on sale!  http://3dcoat.com/home/

Here is a short video of the final result:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGHId7PTkR8




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